Omega Gold Letters Kente Cloth Stole

Omega Gold Letters Kente Cloth Stole

  • $ 35.00

This stole is decorated with the Greek letters on both sides. Made in China? Not a chance. These stoles are the real deal. Each of these high quality Kente Cloth Stoles is handwoven on a loom by a master kente weaver in Ghana, West Africa, taking as long as a day to complete a stole. A full 72-in long and about 4-1/4 Inches wide, these kente stoles are longer and fuller than most others. Using the highest quality imported rayon weaving thread creates bright colors and a lustrous sheen. The tightness of the weave which creates a firm "hand", or stiffness that is not found on other flimsier kente stoles. Mark this momentous occasion with a real African Woven stole. *Graduation stoles are final purchase – no exchanges or returns.

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