Digitizing and Embroidery Services on Customer Provided Items

Q: I have a logo/design that I would like to have embroidered. Can you do this?

A: We can embroider logos and designs.

  • If the design is already in digital embroidery format, you can supply this file to us. This would mean that you have had this design embroidered before. It will typically end in the filetype of .dst. This is a file that you cannot open with traditional graphic software and would need embroidery software to actually open and see the file.

  • If the design is not in embroidery format, you more than likely have a digital image file. These normally have filetypes of .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .ai, .bmp. .png and the like. You would be able to open these files with traditional graphic software and see the image. In this case, we would have to convert this file into a digital embroidery file. Please provide the best quality file that you can. A vector file is preferable. This is a 5 business day process and is a $55 minimum one time fee. This fee includes a sample sew out of the design.

  • If you do not have a digital design, then we cannot create a logo or design for you. We do not have any artists on staff.


If the design that you wish to have reproduced is not your own artwork, we need written permission from the artwork owner, company owner/designee, school or group that owns the logo or proof that you have purchased the rights to use and reproduce the artwork in the manner requested.

There are no exceptions.


  • If you have a design and it carries a watermark or TM or ®, we need written proof that you have the rights to reproduce this design.

  • If you found a design on the internet that you would like to have us do, we would need proof that you purchased the design rights for reproduction. This is usually supplied as a receipt when you purchase the design.

  • If you work for a company, we cannot reproduce the logo of the company that you work for without written permission from the company owner/designee. Most companies have specific regulations surrounding the reproduction of their logos and may even have contracted with certain companies for reproduction.

  • Most Greek letter organizations carry licensing agreements. We cannot reproduce any organization’s letters or other intellectual property without having the rights to do so. We currently hold licensing for all of the organizations in the NPHC’s Divine 9, Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Lambda Theta Alpha and Theta Nu Xi.

  • Most college and universities carry licensing agreements. We cannot reproduce any college or university’s name, letters or other intellectual property without having the rights to do so. We currently hold licensing for NCCU.


Once the design is created for you, we sew out a sample for your approval. After approval, we can sew it out on garments for you. Embroidery is based on stitch count and time to sew out. Embroidery starts at $35. Embroidery with custom applique lettering starts at $45.


Exact charges are determined once the design is complete. Embroidery time is based on our work calendar at the time the order is placed. Turnaround time is 3-5 business days in our slow season and 2-4 weeks in our busy season.


Q: I have an item that I already own that was not purchased from your establishment. Can you do this?

A: We can embroider on items that are supplied to us.

All items have to be seen in person prior to confirmation that the item can be embroidered on our equipment, that it is an item that we feel comfortable working with and that it is suitable for the embroidery being requested. This determination is made at our discretion using our 25 years of embroidery experience.

Items that ARE NOT suitable for embroidery are:

  • Leather/Suede

  • Letterman Jackets

  • Denim Jackets

  • Ball Caps

  • Areas where there are heavy seams

  • Pockets (if we embroider on a pocket, the pocket will be sewn shut and rendered unusable)

  • Tubular openings of less than 6 inches wide


Items that MAY NOT be accepted for embroidery include but are not limited to:

  • Heirloom or “One of a kind” Items

  • Designer Items

  • Items with a retail value of over $50

  • Items whose manufacturer restricts, controls or prohibits after market embroidery.