Group Order Pricing

We can provide discounted pricing for group orders when ordered as a group.

One reason that discounts are given when a group order is placed because items can be ordered at the best possible prices. Therefore, group orders have to allow at least 2 weeks turnaround to receive discounted rates.

Another reason that discounts are given for group orders is that we are able to produce items more efficiently. For example, 4 jackets for the same organization where everything is the same except for the line name and number would qualify for a group discount. However, 4 jackets with 2 having different crossing seasons/years would not qualify.

Group orders have one point of contact collecting all information who provides all information to the group, orders everything at one time, uses one payment method and personally picks up or has the order shipped to one location.

Sometimes groups require members to order independently, pay independently and ship individually. These are individual orders and are treated as such receiving no quantity discounts.

No discount is provided for groups on items that we do not provide. If a group provides their own items for embroidery, regular retail rates apply.

We are unable at this time to offer discounted pricing via the website. To take advantage of group pricing, please email your order in to and we will send you an invoice that you can pay online. 

If a group order qualifies for a discount, the following scale is used:

Quantity Price Breaks on Group Orders of Items


(No discount is provided on customer supplied items for decoration)











61 and above


  • Custom orders under $100 must be paid in full at the time of order.
  • A 50% deposit is required on all custom orders of over $100. The balance is due upon completion.
  • No additional discounts, points or codes apply on group orders that are already discounted.