Crossing Package Ordering

We're Super Excited to Get Your Season Started

Crossing season is our time to shine!  We love making line tees, jackets and totes and putting together the perfect gift package for you. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Order Early. While we can accommodate rush orders, they add stress and cost to your process and who needs that? 
  • Start With a Budget. A budget helps us to focus on the right set of items for your package. For example, if you have a budget of $60, tees, jackets or embroidered totes are possible. A budget of $25 is geared more towards printed tees and totes, keychains, pens and drinkware. No worries. They are all great gifts!
  • Know Your In Hand Date. Knowing this will let us know if we need to look at stock items or custom order. For example, if you need items in about a week our selection will be smaller and pricing may be higher than if you have 3 weeks.
  • Order Early. It's worth repeating. Allowing adequate time allows us to be creative with your solution, which adds to the fun! A 2 week lead time gets you your best discounted pricing. With a 4 week lead time, we can get almost anything that you need... even custom printed items. How cool is that?
  • Pick Your Pack. While we can make recommendations, each crossing package is designed to your specifications. Each one is put together based on your budget, requirements and in hand date. To fast track this  process, have some idea of what you might desire in this package. You don't have to have the exact item. For example, you may have a budget of $55 per person, want a package with 3 items, need it in 4 weeks and one of the items must be a tee shirt. Or you may have a budget of $20 per person, want 4 items, need it in 2 weeks and one of the items must be a lapel pin.
  • Have a Plan B. Many of our items are readily available in good quantities. However some are limited runs. Consider having a couple of choices for items like lapel pins or keychains. Everything will be new to the freshly initiated! 
  • Refer to our Group Order and Pricing Information. Yes, we do offer discounted pricing on group orders. You may find many of the answers to your initial questions online in our Group Order Pricing Guide.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. The basic 3 letter tee is by far our best seller for new initiates. A chapter may only need 6 of these which would be a 10% discount. But if multiple chapters order as a group (or order at the state or district level) you can bump up your quantity needed to increase discount to as high as 25%.
  • Order Early. We can't stress this enough. If you're ordering shirts and jackets, we do not need the line names to start your order. The item, color, sizes, method of decoration, season, year and chapter are all known early in the process. We can get started on that and set your order aside. This way, you'll lock in your best pricing and secure a date on our calendar. Then 5 business days prior to your ship or pickup date, you can email us the names and numbers by size and we'll complete your embroidery. It's that simple!